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Festival goes tasty!


We are planning delicious, first-class choices for you to keep you happy and never let you go hungry! High quality, versatile with veggie and vegan offers, and simply scrumptious!

At the bars you'll find everything your heart could desire at a festival and we'll set up plenty of seats for you, so you can really indulge between the concerts.

Here is a small selection from our offer from 2022:

Asian Dishes | Arab Specialities | Burgers | Cheese Spätzle | Couscous | Coffee Specialities | Crepes | Doner Kebab | Donuts | Dumplings | Falafel | Flammkuchen | French Fries | Frozen Yogurt | Garlic Bread | Gnocchi | Grilled Cheese Sandwiches | Gyros | Hand Bread | Indian Dishes | Meat Skewers | Potato Dishes | Pita Bread | Pizza | Salmon Buns | Spare Ribs | Thai Wok Dishes | Turkish Specialities | Waffles*

*Alphabetical order