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True diversity in music begins with the promotion of innovative talent. There are enough of them, but not all of them are listened to enough. That's why we deliberately created a contest for FLINTA* acts with GAMECHANGER, because for us effective promotion of young talent is the most sustainable way to a truly diverse music landscape and thus more balanced line-ups. As one of Germany's biggest festivals, we want to live up to our responsibility and do our part to contribute to a vibrant and diverse music culture: To this end, we give young talents a stage - and the attention they deserve.

We proudly present: ATTIC STORIES!

From the attic to the festival stage! And YOU have decided it! The pop-punk powerband around frontwoman Romana prevailed in our Gamechanger contest and played their way straight into our and your wild hearts! 
Their songs are a journey of buried feelings, memories and deepest emotions, packed in Romana's unique voice. Accompanied by heartbreaking backing vocals, furious pop-punk riffs and crashing drums. You don't want to miss this! So come by and be there when ATTIC STORIES cast a spell on you and make Southside even more beautiful ❤.