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Timetable is up!

Did somebody say TIMETABLE?! Here we go!

There it is at last. Take a look and start planning your Southside weekend. Available on our website or simply via app.

MORE is MORE! We bring you even more artists at:

Firestone Stage

Firestone will also be at the Southside in 2022. The tire manufacturer is once again organizing some great music performances and experiences. Up-and-coming bands that are about to break through will perform as usual on the Firestone Stage. In addition, Firestone invites you and your friends to the Firestone Promotion booth. Exciting prizes and activities await you here.

8 newly confirmed bands will be rocking the new Firestone Stage:

Trille | Schrottgrenze | Pabst | Philine Sonnie | Alex Moped Gang | Portmonee | Mele | BLVTH

stream punk

At home and still want to go to Southside? No problem! o2 listened to you and offers you the opportunity to catch a lot of concerts on our festival website. After that, the gigs are also available on demand whenever you want. More is not possible!

odds and ends

Beck's pre-order friends need to be strong now: unfortunately, the convenient feature won't be available this year. :( But don't worry: in our kiosk we will have plenty of cool hops ready for you - even chilled and in an exclusive Beck's Festival special edition!

A bit of sad news: there will be no supermarket on site this year. That's why we will organize a festival shop ourselves that stocks the 30 top sellers of the past few years: from fruit and water to canned ravioli and more - we pack our festival shop full every day. The prices will be somewhere between a supermarket and a gas station. We will soon have an assortment and further information for you.