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Questions about the festival?
01806 853 444  (Mon. - Fri. 11 AM - 3 PM)*.

*0.20 €/calls from landlines or mobile phones max. 0.60 €/per call


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Further Contacts

  • Accessibility

    You’ll find all information concerning accessibility at the festival at Accessibility. Still have questions?! Write us an email at barrierefrei@southside.de or reach us by phone at 01806- 853 753 (0.20 €/calls from landlines or mobile phones max. 0.60 €/per call).

  • Sponsoring & Partners

    Sustainability is important to us in all areas, and all products and brands have to be a good match for the Southside Festival. We look forward to exciting and reliable partnerships that fit our festival brand and target audience. Festivals bring people together, make fans happy and their digital extension gives them a huge reach.

    A festival offers a wide range of opportunities for presenting and integrating brands. We can find the perfect solution for your brand together! We look forward to hearing from you: sponsoring@fkpscorpio.com

  • Merchants Food & Non-Food

    Sustainability is important to us in all areas, and all products and brands have to be a good match for our festival. We are looking for creative and engaging booths that our festival's target audience will love and high-quality and trendy F&B providers. From traditional regional cuisine through vegan and vegetarian choices to exotic specialities.

    A limited number of pitches are available each year. They are not allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. We analyse each application on its own merits, so please send us as much information as possible, including photos of booths and products.

    Your attitude, your ideas and your product are a perfect match?! Then simply contact us by mail:

    Non-Food:  nonfood@fkpscorpio.com

    Food: Kegel Impuls Event Service


  • Which way to Panama?

    You would like to implement our awareness concept "Which way to Panama?" at your event or have questions about this topic?

    Feel free to contact on: panama@fkpscorpio.com

  • NGO

    Simply being at “Grün Rockt!” is not enough, you want to take an active part? You are a member of an NGO, a charity, an initiative or organisation and committed to socially or ecologically sustainable goals? We want to offer our green causes a stage and would be happy to have you here with your project.

    Contact us on sustainability@fkpscorpio.com

  • Jobs
  • Newcomer Bands

    Please understand that we do not accept any applications. Go on gigs and tours, release some exciting albums - and we'll find you!