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True diversity in music begins with the promotion of innovative talent. There are enough of them, but not all of them are listened to enough. That's why we deliberately created a contest for FLINTA* acts with GAMECHANGER, because for us effective promotion of young talent is the most sustainable way to a truly diverse music landscape and thus more balanced line-ups. As one of Germany's biggest festivals, we want to live up to our responsibility and do our part to contribute to a vibrant and diverse music culture: To this end, we give young talents a stage - and the attention they deserve.

We proudly present: JULES!

Have you had a good or bad day? What helps in any case to make it (even) better are the songs by "jules". Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and bang - much better! The likeable singer-songwriter overwhelms us in her songs with a wave of energy, defiance and self-confidence. What remains are good vibes that we all love and need. In her songs, jules takes a stand for more equality and diversity: English-language female empowerment straight from Böblingen. It's like a ride on a carousel of emotions and that feeling you get at the end of the ride - a little shaken up, but happy