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  • Camping


    You can only enter the camping and festival area with a festival wristband. These bands are available in exchange for the valid entrance ticket.
    Camping is only possible with the Southside Festival Pass. The campsite is open from Thursday, 10 a.m., until Monday, 12 noon.

    Please note the following:

    • Keep the marked escape routes in the camping area clear.
    • Open fires are strictly forbidden on the entire grounds!
    • There is a noise curfew between 2.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m.
    • It is forbidden to bring and/or set off Bengal or any other fireworks! Infringements will be punished at least by a yellow ribbon.

    How much space can I use?
    5 sqm per person! Here is a small illustrative example: 10 sqm correspond to the need for a comfortable two-person tent plus canopy and two camping chairs.

    If you want to camp with a group, you should arrive together – please understand that our security staff are not responsible for bringing individual groups together.

    Toilets & showers
    The sanitary facilities on the campsites have showers and flushing toilets. In addition, numerous mobile toilets are also available. The use of all sanitary facilities on the entire festival grounds is free of charge.

    Power at your tent
    Your phone is dead and your power bank is also empty? No problem, simply rent a power station for the duration of the festival.
    Click here to book now!

    Biotopes & nature reserves
    Many of the areas around here are major biotopes and nature reserves. We would like to preserve these areas and the animals and plants who live there and protect them as best as possible during the festival. Anyone caught entering, littering or vandalising the restricted areas, will risk at least a yellow card, if not being evicted.

    Deposit collection ban
    The commercial collection of recyclables (especially deposit bottles, metals) on the festival grounds for the purpose of marketing recyclables is only permitted with the organiser’s prior written consent. Anyone violating the ban on commercial collection may be punished by confiscation of the collected recyclables. In addition, they may be evicted from the festival site immediately. Usual quantities for festival guests in terms of type and volume will be accepted.

    Each guest shall be liable for any damage they cause.

    We put a lot of heart and soul, time and effort into decorating our festival grounds to make the festival a great experience for you. Therefore, we would ask all guests to please pay our work the respect it deserves. Anyone who defies this rule and removes, misappropriates, defaces or in any other way destroys our decorations will at least face a yellow card.

    What is allowed on the festival grounds?

    There are security checks at the entrances, where your luggage will be screened. Please bear in mind that these checks are also for your own protection.

      + Bring it!

    • Tents and tent materials
    • Tent accessories such as camping chairs, camping tables, a normal pavilion (3 x 3 metres) per camp (applies to around 10 people – if larger groups are camping together, more pavilions are allowed accordingly)
    • Disposable barbecues, small tripod barbecues, charcoal lighters
    • Gas cookers with gas cartridges (cartridges up to max. 450 g)
    • Beverage kegs (up to 5 l), beverage cans, plastic bottles, tetra-paks
    • Locksmith hammer up to 300 g and rubber mallet up to 400 g
    • Jars up to 500 ml with cooking and food products (e.g. jam/Nutella/pickles)

      - Leave it!

    • Glass bottles/glass containers
    • Big gas cylinders
    • Outsize structures such as party tents or similar
    • Furniture such as sofas, armchairs, big tables
    • Building materials, bulky wastes
    • Power generators, electricity units, external car batteries
    • (Car) trailers
    • Dry ice
    • Liquid barbecue lighters
    • Refrigerators
    • Megaphones, laser pointers
    • Firearms, knives, daggers and weapons of any kind
    • Saws, axes, hatchets and similar tools
    • Fireworks, sparklers, catapults and other pyrotechnical items of any description (incl. Bengal Fire)
    • Animals of all kinds
    • Locksmith hammers over 300 g and rubber mallets over 400 g and all other types of hammers

    Schneller durch die Gepäckkontrolle - mit der Fast Lane!

    Plug-in Festivals

    Powerstation rental 

    POWER DIRECTLY AT THE TENT - Plug-in Festivals offers power stations for rent at the campsite. These mobile battery boxes supply you with electricity for the whole festival weekend. And the best: If the power station is empty, you can exchange it for a new one as often as you like.

    • 2x 230V socket, max. 500 Watt continuous power, max. 700 Watt peak power (some seconds)
    • 3x USB & 1x USB-C
    • 1x 12V cigarette lighter

    IMPORTANT: Appliances over 500 watts (coffee maker, stove top, refrigerators) will not work.


    • Phone: 40+ charges
    • Any batteries can be recharged (e-cigarette, powerbanks, shavers)
    • Electric air pump: 6+ h
    • Compressor cooler: 12+ h
    • Electric cooler: 5+ h
    • Ventilator (CPAP): 10+ h


    PROCEDURE (when ordering in online store of Plug-in Festivals)

    • Booking in online store, www.pluginfestivals.de (incl. confirmation of rental contract)
    • Receipt of the e-ticket / QR code
    • Go to the Plug-in Festivals stand on the festival grounds with your e-ticket and ID card 
    • Deposit you driving licence or your health insurance card
    • pick up the power station. 
    • Return power station at the end of the festival

    Rent A Tent

    You want to relax on your journey to the festival? Without rushing and time pressure, with minimal baggage and stuff to carry? You want to take part in the festival and sleep in a tent although you don't have your own camping gear? Then mein-zelt-steht-schon (My tent is already pitched) has got you covered! Simply book a tent and the stuff you need before the festival, and it will be ready-built and waiting for you on site.

  • Camping in a tent

    The tent camping areas are divided into the regular campsite and the Greener Living area for tent accommodation as well as the resort (with your own tent or in pre-erected tent accommodation).

    Greener Living

    People who love rock’n‘roll at the concerts but prefer some calm and cleanliness when camping, can stay at our Greener Living area during Southside. The Greener Living area is is a separate area that gives our green-minded guests an opportunity to sleep in a clean and calm environment. 


    Want to camp in your own tent but with more space and other amenities to make your festival experience more pleasant? Then pitch up at the resort.

    Resort with tent accommodation

    Don't feel like lugging a tent around? Then check out the resort. Here you can move into a super cosy tent.

  • Camping in Trailer Parks

    The trailer parks are divided into the regular area  and the Greener Living area. All vehicles need a trailer park ticket to gain access to the separate trailer parks.

    Camper vans
    A camper van is a motor vehicle that provides fixed sleeping berths and living space according to the number of passengers in the vehicle, including an awning or pagoda.

    Caravan (with passenger car as towing vehicle).
    A trailer registered on public roads, which provides fixed sleeping berths according to the number of passengers in the towing vehicle, including an awning or pagoda, whereby the passenger car must always be harnessed in front of the trailer in order to be able to maneuver at any time.

    Station wagons
    Station wagons may be occupied by a maximum of two persons and must have built-in sleeping berths (also temporary if necessary) corresponding to the number of passengers.

    Passenger car with trailer
    A passenger car with trailer may be occupied by a maximum of 5 persons and must have sleeping capacity on the trailer or in the unfolded state corresponding to the number of passengers. 

    Other cars

    (e.g. nine-seaters, small cars like WW Polo or similar, station wagons with more travelers than available sleeping places) are not allowed in the trailer park!
    Since we cannot check if your vehicle meets these requirements before the festival, the on-site security service is responsible for this. If your vehicle does not meet the requirements, you may be denied access to the Trailer Park. You are responsible for ensuring that your vehicle is allowed into the trailer park.

    One awning or one pagoda may be attached to the caravan. Small or large tents with additional sleeping space are not permitted. Security will check compliance with this rule strictly, in order to guarantee sufficient space for all trailer park residents. The total length of the vehicle must be no longer than 11 metres and the permissible total weight no more than 3.5 tonnes. In the case of a car/trailer combination (e. g. car with caravan), the tractor must remain permanently hitched before the trailer in order to be able to manoeuvre at all times.

    On Site
    Since it is not possible to check the camper van when the ticket is being purchased, we reserve the right to refuse access to vehicles to the intended space if they do not comply with the above rules. The cost of the purchase camper sticker will not be refunded in such a case.

    Trailer Park in the Greener Living Area
    People who love rock’n‘roll at the concerts but prefer some calm and cleanliness when camping, can stay at our Greener Living area during Southside. The Greener Living  area is is a separate area that gives our green-minded guests an opportunity to sleep in a clean and calm environment. All vehicles need a corresponding trailer park ticket to gain access to the Greener Living area. 

    Trailer Park Power Claims
    Dear friends of tidy little allotments: You can rent a claim of your own for your sleeping vehicle in the trailer park area! This is a pitch of approx. 32 m² reserved especially for you, where you will also have access to electricity (Schuko connection with up to 2,000 watts). Please remember to bring an outdoor extension cable with a Schuko connection (16 amps, cable size: 2.5 mm²).