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LINE-UP HURRICANE 2024 - That's it!

"We're opening checkout 2 for you." Can you feel the euphoria, the happiness that flows through you at this sentence? There's only one sentence that's even better: we've got the last acts for you and we're all set!
Led by EDITORS, a total of eleven more exciting names are joining the Hurricane Festival 2024. In less than 100 days, you can finally swap your alarm clock for the battle cry of the neighboring camp, your desk chair for the camping chair and the radio drone for really good music when EDITORS, Glockenbach, Sea Girls, Sprints, TALK, Ruby Waters and FLØRE rock the stages.


If you're already so excited you can't contain yourself, you'd better sit down for our acts at the warm-up party on Thursday. It's going to be wild with Moop Mama x Älice, Teuterekordz, Itchy, Drei Meter Feldweg and the Hansemädchen.
Is anyone else missing? Yes! We still have one last slot to fill and you decide who that will be. Voting for our Gamechanger contest runs until April 3rd. You can find all the finalists and the link to the voting here


It's amazing that we are already complete with our 2024 line-up. We can hardly wait until Hurricane finally starts and we can all go wild together.
We're looking forward to a fantastic festival with you - get your tickets here!